Facebook lets parents organize baby photos with Scrapbook feature

By | April 1, 2015

Instead of the parents putting up their children’s picture as their profile picture, Facebook has now come up with a feature called ‘scrapbook’ that not only lets you uploads pictures of your kids but also feel their presence in Facebook. Scrapbook allows parents to organize and label photos of their kids under 13 years in one central location.


For using this feature, click on the new Scrapbook option below the Family and Relationships section on Facebook profile and add details of your kid. It only requires details like their name, relationship, birth date to be added to it. After entering the details, one can start tagging every picture of their kid.


“We are starting to pilot an optional way for you to organize photos of your child, using a special tag you choose to create, ” stated Dan Barak, Product manager of Facebook. He came up with this idea when he had his first baby nine months ago. Barak realized there is no way to tag an infant, when he wanted to share pictures of his adorable son. People end up tagging their partner or their family members in the image. But then he introduced this feature which would let kids be tagged in their own name.

However, the kids cannot have their own profiles through ‘scrapbook’ but only their parents can tag photos of them. This allows the parents to collect and organize photos of their baby, toddler or pre-teen in a centralized place that can be private or shared with their family and friends. Even without official profiles, kids have a huge presence on the social network. Scrapbook is just an early attempt to acknowledge and organize their online identities.

The Scrapbook feature is available for iOS, Android and desktop and is currently rolling out in USA. To add or remove photos, the profile has to be linked via Facebook’s relationship status section.

Also, Facebook is still working to figure out a way to turn Scrapbook into an individual profile after the kid turns 13. One feature Facebook plans to add is a subscribe button that will let loved ones like grandparents get notified when any new photo is added to the kid’s scrapbook.

However, Barak says that the scrapbook feature is still in the baby stage and has long way to go before its adds additional options and features to it.