Facebook let you buy the products from its store page

By | July 16, 2015

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While using Facebook, you may have come across some shopping items, when you want to shop them, you have to go to some another websites. We think this is pretty odd and Facebook also thinks the same. So according to Buzzfeed News, Facebook is testing an option, which will allow you to purchase products directly from Facebook page, rather than directing you to another websites. This process is in the early stage, so only few dozen brands will take part in this kind of shopping option, but in future it will be expanded and will include some more brands, sports teams, groups and celebrity.

Right now, Facebook doesn’t take any cut from sales. When you shop more on the Facebook, more advertisers will be allured to it. Due to this they would be more likely candidate to clinch the sale and they even got to know about type of product you are interested in buying. If you are not pleased with this marketing method of the stores, then you should just do your work on store pages, rather than clicking likes and shares links. By this feature, you can easily shop through Facebook, meaning you can buy directly from your timeline, though don’t expect full catalog to Facebook.