Facebook launches Video Comments


Videos have been exponentially growing over the last couple of years, specially on the social networking sites. To take leverage of it, Facebook has announced video comments.

There was a news in the first quarter of 2016, saying that Snapchat had surpassed Facebook in terms of the amount of video consumption on the platform and ever since then, Facebook had been working on strategy to get its share back from the instant messaging app.

The move was announced in a blogpost by the company and it was also stated that the feature was developed by the recently concluded 50th hackathon. The team was led by Bob Baldwin. Other participants in the team included Hermes Pique and Sameer Madan (iOS), Muhammed Ibrahim (Web) and Billy Ng (Android).

Just FYI, Baldwin is the same guy who had led the hackathon teams in the past which enabled the use pf photos and stickers in the comments. There are no official word on when the feature will be available for the general public, however, we would not be able to wait for this cool feature.