Facebook launches Origami Live, the interactive design tool, for iOS

By | February 25, 2015

More than a year ago, Facebook introduced Origami, which is a free tool at the advantage of the users to design interactive user interfaces. Facebook had also utilized it to design a range of products such as Instagram, Messenger, Paper, Slingshot, Hyperlapse and Rooms. Now, Origami Live for iOS has just been announced, in addition to a major new version of Origami for Mac.


Origami Live for iOS lets the user run the prototypes on the device you’re probably building those interfaces for in the first place. This brand new app enables one to make use of one’s Origami prototypes on your iPhone or iPad. All one needs to do is to plug the iOS device into your Mac to check the design. The suite also supports live editing to view the changes on-the-fly.

The main advantage of Origami Live iOS is that it allows designers (who does not actually write computer code) build more complex breed of prototype. “With Paper, it helped us build things that otherwise would not have been built,” says Brandon Walkin, who created the tool inside Facebook. “It gives designers a way of doing things that are more traditionally in the domain of engineers.”

Walkin claims, Origami Live also includes a way to automatically converting basic prototypes into raw computer code. With the click of a button, he says you can transform a prototype into code that can run on iPhones or Android devices or inside web browser. This code will likely be rather rough, but it gives engineers a starting point as they seek to turn prototypes into complete smartphone apps.

However, Origami Live tools still dovetails with desktop machines for the iPhones and iPads have to be plugged into a desktop or laptop (it needs additional processing power) to work. Apart from that, Origami 2.0 is also being released, which comes with a slew of brand new features – and some of them include code exporting, powerful gesture support, Sketch integration, and presentation mode, among others.

Origami Live for iOS

Facebook is intent on sharing so many of its technologies with the world at large, both through open source code and other means.  The reason for the release and maintaining such apps is still vague. But driven by CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook believes that in sharing its tech expertise, it will expand the internet as a whole—which can only help the further expansion of Facebook itself.