Facebook Launches its Third Artificial Intelligence Lab in Paris

By | June 3, 2015

On Tuesday, Facebook announced its launch of new artificial intelligence lab in Paris as a means to boost and make its online social network smarter and more profitable.


Artificial intelligence lab is not all that new to Facebook. It already has two AI teams in the US and the one opening up in Paris would be its third one. AI team of facebook is headed by Yann LeCun, Professor of computer science at New York University, who is a famous and eminent and specilizes in ‘deep learning algorithm.’ The team works on the goal to create technologies that would make communication and the means of communication better for people.

Zuckerberg posted on Facebook, “France already has one of the strongest AI research communities in the world. I’m excited for us to be taking another step toward the future of computing and connecting the world.” He also wrote that top scientific institutions are hunted for to make investments. French Institute for Research in Computer Science and Automation (INRIA) is the first institute that Facebook has entered partnership with. This partnership will provide the students and the research professionals many opportunities in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

Facebook’s chief technology officer, Mike Shroepfer stated, “We chose Paris for the concentration of talent it has in terms of computing and artificial intelligence.” The lab in the Paris will have total of six researchers that Facebook has plan to increase by the end of this year. The new members joining the team would be from France’s top private and public technology universities. The new AI lab will work to develop applications based on AI-based image recognition, natural-language processing and speech-recognition.

The main aim of Facebook’s AI labs is to generate algorithms that better interpret and organize images. The photos being uploaded on Facebook are increasing every day and runs to around 350 million photos per day. So it is quite important for Facebook to organize and analyse the photos. According to Yann Lecun, “Smooth artificial intelligence algorithms would eliminate spam and violent videos.” He also said, “the Paris lab will be the biggest intelligence research facility not only in France but also the biggest in the continent of Europe.” Other AI rivals have their facility in Britain where Facebook had thoughts to set its AI lab before finalizing on France.

However, it has to be noted that Facebook is not the only one interested in AI. Its arch internet rival Google is also determined to pursue Artificial Intelligence. It started working on it last year with its partnership with Oxford University in Britain

The new AI lab is expected to help generate more revenue for the company. The company in April declared that its first-quarter revenues leaped 42% to $3.5 billion which was led by advertising gains. Its first-quarter net profits fell 20% to $509 million mainly because of the huge sum spent on the research and development team and share-based compensation.