Facebook introduces Message Requests as a replacement to “Other Inbox”

By | October 28, 2015


Finally Facebook is going to kill one of its worst and least useful features, named other inbox. The Other Inbox feature usually hide message from people, who are unknown to you. This inbox feature is also not accessible from the Facebook’s mobile apps. The company has announced this news about killing the Other Inbox through the blog post.

The Social media giant is rolling out a new feature called Message Requests as a replacement to the Other Inbox feature. This feature will allow unknown users to reach out to you as long as they have your name.

This Message Requests option will take message from users, who are not friend with you and put it at the top of your Facebook messenger queue inside your notification box. You can check the basic information about the person like name, address and mutual friends. Any people, who are not friend with you, can send the message with this new feature, even though they don’t have your phone number.

If you are not interested in communicating with that person, you can shut down the chat right there. This feature actually let you know about the person information like he is a friend or a creep without sending message to the Other Inbox. Facebook has developed this really interesting feature, which help you reach out to some strange people you met anywhere.

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