Facebook introduced bookmarking feature with SAVE button


We used to check out the travel sites and online shopping sites across the links on Facebook which we can explore them using the Facebook. The link would be lost depending on your memory, unless you save it or share it. But don’t worry Facebook has introduced the new bookmarking feature to save the links, places, music and more which can be viewed later depending on your comfort. Now you can bookmark the photos, posts and the other content to view later.


This newly introduced ‘Save’ button in the news feed creates the section of the bookmarked sites on your Facebook profile which helps the users to find the specific content when they have time. This available to iOS, Android and web over with in next few days.

Facebook users now keep the saved items private or share them with the friends on the social networking sites. This feature attracts the Facebook users to spend more time on Facebook with this type of content glorification. Now you can save the interesting links everyday on Facebook and check it out some other time when you are free. You are able to save the items like links, places, TV, movies and music. These can be viewed only unless you select to share them with the friends through the status or messages.

You can view the saved items by going to the saved items in the “more” tab on the mobile or clicking on the link present on the left hand side of Facebook on web. These saved list items are organised according to the category and so the users can swipe to the right on every item to share it with the friends or move them into the archive list.