Facebook fortifies Live Broadcasting for Journalists and Verified Profiles very soon

By | August 19, 2015

Facebook recently opened up live broadcasting for celebrities-only but now slowly it is coming out of the periphery and working out for Journalists and Verified personalities.

In response to the constant requests from Verified Pages for using Facebook Live, the company has started rolling out the same for all the verified profiles. Soon the Facebook Live option can be accessed by all the verified profiles.

A week ago, Facebook changed its settings, because it was found tricky, if a lot of people would be accessed to live broadcasting, it may result in heavy load.

Facebook launched live on 5th August 2015, which allows broadcasters promptly to start a live video stream on Facebook. The video stream shows up in News Feed to the people who ‘Like’ the broadcaster’s page and it posts instant notifications regarding the interaction between the fan and the broadcaster, who’ve interacted before. Facebook Users can pitch in to watch in real-time and post comments on the broadcasters screen. The Live Broadcasting for Journalists and Verified Personalities is expected to open up before the holidays.

The beneficial factor is that Facebook live streams are permanently saved as a video so that people can watch anytime, unlike Meerkat streams that vanish right away and the Periscopes that can be replayed only for 24 hours. This new feature ‘Facebook Live’ is not only serving real-time engagement but it’s also adding up the Facebook’s privileged video content treasure that can show up in the feed, to make money-spinning video ads.

Initially when Facebook Live was launched, it was offered to only a minimal set of celebrities with Verified Facebook Pages like Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, Serena Williams, Martha Stewart and Michael Buble. Some of the celebrities have used the Real-time Video Q&A’s, while others have made announcements and a few just outbursts at the camera.

Ordinary users were not permitted to access live broadcasting due to the heavy load and this feature needs technical work to adjust such heavy load. Facebook launched its Live broadcasting with celebrities may be to teach users what’s unusual to shoot, interesting videos, to duck out the ordinary users from broadcast something ‘like hello world this is my new shirt’ and to avoid low quality video footage’s which would’ve resulted in convincing other people that live streaming aren’t fun to watch.

Facebook will permit to access live broadcasting very soon to a wider range of users, who have Verified Profiles. These are meant for public figures that either aren’t quite as famous, or just wanted to run their public presence from their existing profile rather than starting a Page from scratch. This embraces more entertainers, athletes, politicians, journalists.

It’s been five months for periscope and just hit 10 million registered users. But Facebook is confident enough to break the record with its new platform to leapfrog competitors.

Extension of Facebook Live broadcasting brought one step closer to the universal access. This new platform can act instantly as a mechanism for offhand journalism. It has also made easier for the Verified Personalities who are not so famous or celebrities but it will be interesting and mostly experimenting with what can be done with live broadcasting.

By offering access to more users, live broadcasting will soon bring other interesting elements like contest, talk shows, adventures, news discussions and much more.