Facebook Dislike Button: Does it really reflect users sentiments and advertisers


Facebook Dislike Button: Does it really reflect users sentiments and advertisers

facebook-brandsA popular question asked about Facebook, when Zuckerberg is going to add Dislike button to the site, which has been demanded by users for long time.

Of course, the LIKE button was added in 2009, after three years of launch in 2006. However as users, we cannot like everything in Facebook. As users, there should be an option to dislike a comment or a photograph or non sense status update. When we have given an option of like, there should be an option to dislike too.

A recent study by Sweatband.com, listed few major dislikes after interviewing 1,793 people. As per them the below mentioned statuses are annoying


1) Diet and Exercise boasters
2) Those who share every meal
3) Cryptic Status Writers
4) Game Inviters
5) Proud Parents
6) Oversharers
7) Checker Inners
8) Event Spammers
9) Constant Engagers
10) Self Promoters

Although, there is dislike icon in the messaging services. However it is not available for your newsfeed or on your wall posts.

Facebook earned major revenue through Like button; it collects data of user’s browsing habit. Facebook will market these trends and customize the advertisements that will pop in. As you are all aware advertisement are major revenue earners for the company. Advertisers might not appreciate such methods of expressing displeasure; one of the key reason Facebook had resisted the change.


For the people who are seeing this postponement of the possibility of Dislike Button as a shrewd move, why it should not be. Like any other business owner, Zuckerberg want to improve the profits and enhance user experience.

Any business has right to put his own interests before anyone else’s, as long it is not harming anyone.