Facebook to deliver internet via solar-powered plane




Facebook recently revealed that its new venture of constructing an aircraft has finally nailed down and is totally equipped for testing its ability of delivering internet accessibility.

The full version of ‘Aquila’ was in the building process by Facebook’s connectivity labs. It is designed to be a high-altitude, long-fortitude plane that can round-up the territory up in the air for about 90 days using only solar power

The aircrafts like unmanned aerial vehicle will be proficient to glimmer down internet connectivity from an altitude of 60,000 ft to 90,000 ft.

AquilaBy installing internet infrastructures, there will be a radical transformation in the world of economics and expansion of new technologies.

Internet reaching Remote

“We have no intention of becoming an internet service provider, we are not trying to build our own networks and then accessing it by ourselves instead we are trying to upgrade these technologies to that level that they become feasible way out for the partners and operators to install” said the Facebook giant.

The survey has found only 10% of the world’s population who lives in remote areas don’t have internet facility at all. So Facebook has come up with a solution to this problem by launching this solar-powered plane for supplementing internet facility to the remote area which is expected to last for 90 days.

It is also a chunk of FB’s larger project of finding new techniques to bring solutions in various divisions of the world to deliver internet accessibility so that they can use it for information and entertainment.

FB has also built and verified a laser which provides 10 GB of data per second and that also allows to connect with Aquila-type planes and as well as the regions they round-up. Sometime back, Facebook has also introduced Internet.org, which delivers free internet connectivity to developing countries.

Let’s hope that the idea of generating internet access to remote regions as well as under developed and developing countries may result in big success.