How Facebook decides the trending topics?



Currently Facebook is the most popular online social media platform and has more than 1.44 billion active users per month. Most of the people login to the Facebook accounts, and use it based on their interests. Do you ever think that how Facebook decides the trending Topics? How Facebook choose what to show in your news feed every time you login? Don’t worry or give stress to your mind folks, the social networking service giant has designed a different algorithm for this purpose.

This algorithm looks for your place, pages you follow, but the two main things it look for is the topics, which has been mentioned a lot and the topics, whose mentions has increased drastically, reports Re/code.

Cristiano Ronaldo, the ace footballer is often mentioned on the Facebook, which means that its total number of mention will surely be high, but this doesn’t assure that he is part of the trending topics. So to decide the trending topics, Facebook looks for the hike in the mentions as compared to normal chatter.

So according to the report, “This means that things that trend are not just the most highly mentioned people or topics, they have to be tied to some kind of relevant event, that’s done automatically by the algorithm. They just get to pick the headline,”

Finally when the trending topic is decided, it goes through a human controller, who approves the topics and also write a short description about it. People are not responsible for choosing the trending topics but the algorithm is.