Facebook Contest – How to conduct a succesful Facebook contest


The easiest way to engage Facebook likes and convert them into email signups by enticing them with a prize through a Facebook contest. There are many different types of Facebook contests. The most basic is the “random draw”. Then there are Facebook Sweepstakes and highly involved video contests with a full panel of judges to decide a winner. Each have different benefits and each are most useful for different businesses and different marketing campaigns.

facebook contest

How to run a Facebook Contest:

  • Choosing a Prize and Entry Method:

The prize is definitely the most important piece of your contest. It’s what entices and attracts the people to enter. You should make sure that the prize is something relevant to your business. For example, you can use a gift card to enticing all of your potential customers – it’s the prize that is the most enticing to the largest group of people. If you are planning to give away a certain product or service, you will only get entries from people interested in that specific product. With a gift card though, you will attract entries from those who are interested in the products you sell. Next, decide what users have to do to enter. Do they need to submit a photo? Or just enter their email address? What you ask for at the time of entry depends on your goals. A few important boxes pertaining to the context must be provided as well. These should contain:

  1. The contact details of the participant.
  2. User generated content.
  3. The option to refer a friend.
  • Build Your Contest Page:

The contest entry page should be simple and exciting. It should be able to get people excited about the contest and prize, and make it easy to enter. This page must contain a few important elements:

  1. The title should be attention grabbing.
  2. There must be a graphic or an image of the prize being offered.
  3. Information on how to enter the competition.
  4. An entry submission form.
  5. Share buttons to make cross platform sharing easier.
  • Promote And Share Your Contest:

Once the contest has been set up, it’s time to promote it. There will be organic growth from entrants sharing with friends, but you will need a few promotional boosts in the beginning to create the initial seed. A few methods to promote your contest are as follows:

  1. Send regular emails to all the users.
  2. Promote the contest on social networks.
  3. Add an informative banner about the said contest on your page.
  4. Create a target specific Facebook ad.
  5. Post your contest on popular contest websites.
  • Monitor Your Contest:

You should be able to to do this easily by:

  1. Using Facebook page insights.
  2. Taking advantage of Google alerts.
  • Post Contest Activities:

Post contest activities include following up with the participants and new promotions. You can:

  1. Post about the winner of the contest on all your platforms.
  2. Creating a video leading up to the choosing of the winner to generate excitement.
  3. Sharing future plans and sending follow up mails.

All of these activities will ensure that the existing customers remain hooked and new ones get to know about your product because of the promotion tools used.

I hope you all can count a few tips out of the above ones as helpful!