Facebook changed its terms and privacy policy



While most of the sites often update their terms and policies, the thing that may concern something here is regarding “seeing the improved ads based on sites and the apps you use”. Facebook changed its terms and privacy policy and clicking on the notification on Facebook will take you to the updated terms. Facebook is listening to its users and offering the new¬†Privacy basics¬†section to help its users to understand and control their privacy settings on their site.

This section deals with the unfriending, untagging, reminders for the public posts, blocking, simplified audience selectors and about privacy checkup tool. Under “helping you get more out of Facebook”, it clearly explain how their apps work together and testing optional features such as Nearby friends and the new Buy button. The company also indicated that why they need to access to the permissions on your device which you are using Facebook.

[quote]For example, understanding the battery and signal strength helps to make sure that our apps work well on your device. We seek permission to use your device location when we offer optional features such as check-ins or adding your location to your posts.[/quote]

This means that, Facebook will collect data from your device to make sure that your apps works efficiently and access the location of your device. The next thing is about ads, don’t we love them. Last section of the post about updates addresses the statement in notification about “seeing improved ads”

[quote]We have heard some of you that it can be hard to control types of ads you see if you use multiple devices and browsers. In past, if you have opted out of certain kinds of advertising on your laptop or mobile, choice may not have been applied for ads on your phone. We know that many of the people use more than one device so it should be easy for you to make the single choice which applies across all of your devices. [/quote]

What do you think about the updated Facebook’ terms, data policy and advertising the preferences.