Facebook Camera and Poke features now removed

By | May 10, 2014

Facebook has today removed its Poke and Camera applications from app store. Facebook has released the Poke application as an alternative to the Snapchat mobile app and it became failure with the lack of users. Now Facebook representatives has officially confirmed that Facebook’s Poke application has been removed from the iOS App store. Poke app was launched in December 2012 and failed to attract the users away from the Snapchat.

Lack of continuous updates to the app is also the one of the reason for the failure of the app. Mark Zuckerberg in an interview to Bloomberg Businessweek referred Poke as a joke more than a serious app.

In addition to Poke app Facebook has also removed the Facebook Camera application from the app store. Facebook Camera is a photo loading app designed for shooting, filtering and sharing the photos. However the need for this application is reduced because similar features are found in the official Facebook  mobile core application.



The features that were with the mobile app are sharing the multiple photos at once and adding the filters to improve the appearance of the photos. At the same time of the Facebook Camera launch the company has bought the most popular photo sharing Instagram, which does mostly the same things. These reasons made the Facebook remove the Camera app from the app store.

Facebook also said that some important features of the discontinued apps like photo upload tool from the camera were incorporated into the Facebook’s Android and iOS apps.


Author: Peter Jacksonn

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