Facebook buys fitness tracking app “Moves”


The Facebook Inc. has bought the maker of a mobile app which can track the distance user walk or run and also calculate the calories which are burned during the run. Now from  this step of the social networking company “Facebook” has entered into the market for fitness and health monitoring technology.

Facebook buys fitness tracking app “Moves”

The social networking giant Facebook bought the maker of the fitness tracking app “Moves“. With the Moves app, the social networking giant Facebook might be entering the market without developing its own wearable gadget. Facebook has said that the  Moves, that would continue to operate as a separate app like other apps which are bought by Facebook such as- Photo sharing app Instagram and instant messaging app Whataspp.

Facebook buys maker of moves app

Facebook does not disclose the amount that they are paid for ProtoGeo Oy, which is the 2-year-old Helsinki company that makes the Moves app. The free Moves app has been already downloaded more than 4 million times for iPhone and Android Smartphones users, according to ProtoGeo (maker of the app).The Moves app uses the Smartphone’s inbuilt sensors that are helping to track a person’s physical activity, by recognizing  the physical movements such as walking, cycling and running.

The Facebook starts its shopping, from the beginning of this year 2014 by paying $19 billion for the instant mobile messaging service WhatsApp in February and  after that the Social Networking giant Facebook has paid $2.3 billion for virtual reality headset maker Oculus VR which is happening a couple of weeks later. And Now bought the fitness tracking app Moves maker.