Facebook To Auto-Enhance Photos For You


We all take photos and then we proceed to edit them before putting them up on Facebook. Facebook has made things easier for us by introducing an auto-enhance feature that enhances pictures for us without making us go through the whole process of doing it ourselves.

Facebook will provide you with a slider to control the brightness, shadows, clarity and other small details. If you don’t want to use them, you can revert back to your original photo as well. This tool can prove to be very helpful in photos that are dark or not in a good condition to be put up quickly.

facebook auto enhance

Facebook is one of the late entrants to the Photo Editing Social Media Club. Instagram was one of the first ones to introduce this feature, they have added 5 new filters for its users recently. Twitter followed suit with filters of its own. Twitter recently updated its filters as well. Snapchat has added geo-filters to its armoury recently. Google+ was one of the first social networks to provide the auto-enhance feature.

Earlier, it was quite cumbersome to edit a photo before you uploaded them on Facebook. First you needed to fit it on the Facebook one-size scale and then begin with the editing. The whole of that process has been bypassed now Now photos get enhanced automatically and you can tone the effects up or down as you want.

Facebook has finally caught up with the photo editing craze, and we are more than happy to welcome them to this madness.