Facebook allowing in-app browsing to few accounts

By | August 20, 2014


Facebook is revealing another new option in its application that many have offered for quite a while — an in-app browser— to accelerate sharing and reading of links found inside the social network. As is the situation in many Twitter and RSS feed, Facebook’s in-app program will load the web page of a link you tap within the Facebook app, rather than moving over to any default browser like Chrome or other that you have installed on your phone.

The basic reason behind getting this feature is to speed up the app, because the lightweight in-app browser doesn’t need to load any additional assets or launch a whole secondary app, but there are also other advantages. Facebook’s browser offers you quick options to re-share the link into a new post of your own without going out to the main post, basically you are saving a step to share any link based post on Facebook. Also you will have the feature to opening the link in your browser of choice or copy the link for sharing.

As bonus, Facebook has added another feature that allows you to setting in the app to turn off in-app browsing altogether, pushing all links to your liked installed browser.

We know, Facebook often do roll out any update to random accounts, here also they are doing the same, so if you are using the Facebook app on your Phone on Android, you might get this newly added feature or else you need to wait for the right time to get it. You will know once you have this new feature on your phone as soon as you click a link within Facebook and aren’t taken to an external browser — be on the lookout.

If you have already got this, don’t forget to share the experience with us by commenting below.