FAA to test a system to detect drones near airport



Drones are increasing day by day, as lots of private drones have been found in US. The worst part is that people are flying their drones near the airport. More than 100 incidents have been reported in each month of this year. To overcome this problem, FAA is planning to build a system that will detect drones near the airport.

This FAA system will detect the radio signals that control particular drones instead of tracking the drones. CACI International is developing this technology for the Federal Aviation Administration. FAA will track drones that are getting too close to the airport.

This tech will detect the radio signals in a specific range that are being used to control the R/C aircraft and then detect the remote control. Where this tech will be deployed is still unclear, as FAA has not given any details. This technology looks pretty costly, so it is evident that tiny airport won’t be able to use this system to detect the flying drones.