FAA banns flying drones near the Pope for his U.S. visit

By | September 16, 2015


On Tuesday, FAA has announced that drones are banned to enter the area, where pope plans to visit in U.S. The Pope is set to visit Washington, D.C., New York and Philadelphia in between September 22nd and September 27th and all the unmanned aircraft are banned at the key parts of these cities. This also means that no one can use the drone to take top view pictures of Pope Francis with crowd.

FAA has declared “No Drones Zones” for these areas, where Pope is going to visit. Previously, there are some restrictions for flying drones in Washington, D.C., but now the government authority has increased the restriction considering the historical visit of Pope Francis.

Michael Huerta had warned about the consequences of failing to meet the no drone fly restrictions. He said, “If you plan to attend any of the Papal visit events, please leave your drone at home. Anyone flying a drone within the designated restricted areas may be subject to civil and criminal charges.”

He also added that flying drones anywhere near the pope will be against the law. This ban is not only for drones, but also includes all unmanned aircraft including radio controlled flying device. We can expect more of these kind of bans for drones, as it gradually becomes more and more common.