‘Be My Eyes’ iOS app – an eye to the blind


Lot of apps are developed everyday to help people in everyday chores. Robocat, a Denmark based  developer has developed an app called ‘Be My Eyes’ to help the blind. The app has made use of the iphone video call feature to get instant help from the sighted people to the blind during any situation in need.


Be My Eyes app helps the blind in the everyday tasks like reading a signboard to check the expiry date in a product to navigating in a train station. A video chat connects the blind and the volunteer where the volunteer get to see around the blind person’s situation  and respond to his questions. The app makes use of the iphone feature VoiceOver that lets helps blind people use the phone through synthetic speech and touch based interface.

To get help through Be My Eyes is quite simple. All one has to do is to open the app and request for a sighted volunteer. On the other end, a volunteer gets notification for help. Once he accepts, a live video call connects between them. The volunteer gets to see what is right in front of the blind person with the phone’s camera and answers the questions asked.


The app also allows to receive feedback on the call from both the users whether good or bad. The user can even report in case of any misuse.  Be My Eyes team has warned that in case of any misuse the person would be banned from the system.

This simple concept app developed by Hans Jørgen Wiberg is visually-challenged person himself and it took almost 2 year to develop this idea to a working model. Another fact is that this is a non-profit venture started solely to help the needy.

This user-friendly app works on Iphone 4s and the later models and requires iOS 7. The android version of the app is currently under development.