More Here Eye : Addictive game for Windows Phone


More Here Eye is launched on Windows Phone store which is quite frustrating as well as challenging and interesting at the same time. The game is all about trying to get as far as possible by passing through the colored blocks. The game is very confronting and let us see how long you can play the game until you throw it against the wall.

The game is based on the colors. You will be played a role who will be running on a path and need to passed to the blocks and wells. There are four colors in the game, by default you will be in blue color and the blocks and wells will be in Orange, Blue, Green and Red colors. You should change the colors according to the block colors and well colors. Till now it looks easy, but the actual story starts here.



You can pass the block if you are of the same color and to pass the well the color should not be same. For example, if you want to pass the Red block then the runner color must be also Red and if you want to pass the well with Orange color then the runner color should be of color other than Orange. It sounds easily you can’t match the colors because the blocks and wells and the colors of them will be changing rapidly and you will get confused in changing the colors.

You need to remember the buttons locations to react quickly according to the changing colors. The buttons are bit slowly responsive compared to the game quickness. Game ends when you crash into the block or shrink into the well and the score you have scored will be displayed on the top. The current score will be displaying on the left side and the highest score will be showing on the right side.

The game is challenging and let you to concentrate and if you love challenges then it is the game you should play definitely. It is available for free and there are no in app purchases and ads.

Download More Here Eye for Windows Phone