How to export your Skype contacts


If suppose you want to change your Skype account due to some reasons then no need bother about you Skype Contacts. They is an way to export the Skype contacts to other account before you switch. Skipping on to the third party applications may messier your data but some how you can get back the contacts with little effort. If you are not aware of aware then this is the right place where you can get the full information clearly about how to export your Skype contacts.

Follow the steps to export your Skype Contacts

  • Initially as shown in the above figure tap on the contacts menu in you Skype window followed by tap on advanced  in that tap on back up contacts to file.
  • Once to tap on the backup files automatically a window will appears for saving the file. Its better to save the file with .vch file extension if you are importing into another Skype account or else you can change the extension to .text file.
  • We can see all the contacts and any other information in Skype will be save in the file, additionally all accounts you have blocked in the past will also be save in this file.
  • In that saved file you can delete the unwanted contacts or any other garbage things which you don’t want to import into your new account.
  • In your new account go to your contacts menu > advanced > restore contacts from file.
  • Contacts will sent a request to your for you to add them to your new list. If you don’t hear back from them, you can right click their username in the list and resend the invitation along with a personalized one.
  • That’s it done with transferring the Skype Contacts to another account.