Experience new Youtube mobile website with IE11 in Windows Phone 8.1


Microsoft and Google did not come along when it comes to Youtube. Its been four years the Windows Phone Operating System has been released and from then there is no official Youtube app for Windows Phone. Now Windows Phone 8.1 has brought the Internet Explorer 11, an amazing web browser for mobile platform, which helps to render the new Youtube mobile site perfectly on the Windows smartphone.

While this will not provide the native experience, the amazing interface will make it so. It is very easy to get started, just visit m.youtube.com on your Internet Explorer browser on Windows Phone 8.1, if you want the quick access you can pin a live tile on the home screen, which can be used almost as an app. It would be even better if Youtube can implement support for updating the content on the said tile, but we will make and use it as a basic shortcut.


Microsoft has got the amazing personal assistance called Cortana and now you can open the Youtube website  by using the Cortana after pinning it.

Important features included in the web interface :

  • Complete access and account support.
  • You can check your browsing history, messages and watch later lists.
  • You can view your sort of playlists added.
  • You will be notified of the new videos from the subscribed accounts.
  • Ability to configure it to TV or more.

With the new Internet Explorer web browser, Microsoft has made possible that integration with web media, particularly the video content playback. So this ability enables you to get better control on videos while playing and have access to the richer experience.