Every third engineer in Apple is Indian



Apple’s recent quarterly income call targeted to India as a growth market for iPads instead of flagging sales in established markets. India has also devoted greatly to iPhone sales in the past two quarters, as Apple pushed its older variants aggressively through different promotions.

So naturally, India amount towards the top of the list as far as Apple’s main markets are involved, but a report in a dominant Indian daily today recommends that Apple also have confidence heavily on Indian IT expertise. The report reveals that Every third engineer in Apple is Indian, based on research handled by HFS Research, a global business analysis company.

For one, the research says Apple employs around 12,000 people as “marketers, designers, engineers and other white-collar tech product workers”, but does not break down the number further by each category. We are left to predict the number of engineers.

The 2nd information that is being used to hypothesize the number of Indian engineers working in Apple is the company’s H-1B visa applications, which is a sign of the total number of outsider (i.e not American citizens) employed by Apple. The report indicates two figures in this view: “Apple filed 1,750 H-1B applications during the period 2001 to 2010, but the number expanded sharply to 2,800 during 2011-13.”

Everything that takes after is simply an outline of how Apple has expanded its dependence on Indian IT merchants. There’s nothing that specifically shows that one in every three Apple engineer is Indian. Yet yes, as the organization puts money on the new wave of iPhones for huge income in yet another quarter, India, a key cell phone business sector, will have enormous influence in Apple’s development story.