EverString raises $65 million in Series B funding

By | October 14, 2015

EverString, a forecasting platform for B2B sales and marketing has secured $65 million in Series B round of funding led by Lightspeed Venture Partners along with other investors that included Sequoia Capital, IDG Ventures and Lakestar.


Founded in 2012 and co-founded by Vincent Yang, J.J. Kardwell and Chao Wang, the startup EverString is a platform that helps B2B companies identify their best possible potential customers through data science, artificial intelligence and predictive analytics. The platform intelligently scores new and existing sales prospects and also finds completely new prospects. In a matter of 15 months, the company grew up to become the fastest-growing predictive marketing SaaS company. “We don’t sell analytics. We help companies increase their conversion rates,” said Kardwell.

The startup launches ad targeting in a separate press release which enables marketers to convey anonymous intent into an engaged prospect and to proactively identify and target optimal audiences.

Yang, CEO and co-founder of EverString said, “I started EverString with the vision that artificial intelligence would someday play critical role across the entire sales and marketing process. I’m excited to see yet another extension of this vision being realized from the top of the funnel and beyond with our platform. Integrating ad targeting is an important piece of our value evolution as it enables us to deliver predictive all the way through the prospect to customer journey, enabling EverString users to attract, engage and convert leads.”

“While the marketing technology sector has grown to 2,000 vendors and $24 billion in size in fewer than 10 years, there are very few companies that get to scale, let alone offer something other than niche solutions,” said Peter Nieh, partner at Lightspeed Venture Partners. “EverString is unique, in that it offers a platform instead of a tool, and the company is already at a level of market traction that few marketing technology companies ever achieve. Lightspeed led both the Series A and the Series B funding rounds at EverString, because of the company’s pace of innovation and rapid success with customers ranging from the Fortune 50 to high-growth startups.”