eureQa gets $600,000 from Gabriel Investments and Sashi Reddi



Founded by Badri Nittoor and Bari Chittamuri in 2012, eureQa, the Software as a Service startup, has secured $600,000 in seed round of funding from Philadelphia based Venture fund, Gabriel Investments and Sashi Reddi. Due to this deal, the managing partner at SRI Capital and investment partner at Gabriel Investments, Sashi Reddi will join the board of eureQa.

eureQa is an on-demand test automation software as a service platform, which was founded as a division of Tripod Technologies in 2012. The company offers an easy to use automation platform, which “meets the demand of enterprise application developers catering to mobile, social, and cloud based applications.”

The platform of the startup is built on the top of different open source components such as Selenium WebDriver, which is better than the traditional test automation tools that have been used for more than 20 years. The company offers software on subscription basis that allows users to perform automated testing on their software without writing codes.

Sashi Reddi said about the development, “eureQa offers a compelling value proposition to enterprise application teams to do test automation without being bogged down by having to write code. For a small fee per month, companies can get going in a just a few days. Badri and Bari are revolutionising the way that software gets tested.”