Etsy offers same-day delivery service ASAP for Holiday season

By | October 27, 2015


Online shopping websites are growing day by day and everyone wants to offer same day delivery options for their products. Etsy, the online store for handmade items has announced a new program named Etsy ASAP, which will offer same day delivery or next day delivery service to its users.

Etsy ASAP allows its users to request same day or next day delivery option in some area of New York City at an additional price. The logistic company Postmates is handling this delivery service, but the cost of this Etsy ASAP service is pretty high. According to Etsy, users will have to pay $20 for ASAP delivery option.

Etsy says that this ASAP service will be available in Manhattan, Queens and some parts of Brooklyn during the holiday season, after this only Company will decide on its future plans. The company added that almost 5,000 different items will be available as a part of ASAP plan through this holiday season.

If you want to buy gift via Etsy ASAP, you’ll have select ASAP option at checkout, then you’ll have to choose from three hour delivery option. Here, if you place order after 7 PM, your delivery will be scheduled for next day. The price of Etsy ASAP is very high as compared to other’s same day delivery option available in the market. So it will be interesting to see how customers react to Etsy pricey ASAP same day delivery option.