Epson Runsense SF-110 features GPS to monitor activity



Epson launched a new fitness wearable watch for runners named Runsense SF-110. With this device, the company aims to target fitness fans, runners and hikers, who are concerned about their fitness and want to monitor their fitness activity as well as want to track their workout.

This Runsense SF-110 comes with GPS features and it can measure the distance you have traveled as well as the steps taken, the speed, and amount of calories burned, laps taken and altitude. This wearable is water resistant as expected and it is available in three colors: Green, black and blue. The device comes with nine different and customizable measurements, which user can place on the screen.

Now it has become a tradition for the wearable smart devices to connect to smartphones, this device is not an exception, as it can also be connected to the smartphones via Run Connect app of Epson and this device is also compatible with other third party app like Strava, MapMyRun and some others.

The device is waterproof, but it can’t monitor swimming or any other under water activities. With this device on one can track their workout as well as daily activity. The battery life of this Runsense SF-100 is also good, for it can last for seven days with GPS on, but can last up to ten days while used for tracking.

The price of Runsense SF-110 is $139.