How to enable and use triple click Home button shortcut on iOS

By | August 27, 2014

Generally you use single are double click on your iPhone or iPad to return to home, Apple also offers an accessibility option that lets you enable and customize a triple-click. You can choose between a few options so you can pick the one that’s most convenient and ease for you. If you are not aware, this article brings you the information how to enable and use triple click home button shortcut on iOS.

Steps to follow how to enable and use triple click Home button shortcut

  • Initially you have to open the settings in your iPhone/ iPad.
  • In the settings tap on general settings.
  • Now tap on the accessibility in the General settings.
  • Tap on accessibility shortcut, which is at the bottom of the option in accessibility.
  • Choose the option you would like to perform when you triple click the home button.




Some of the options are :

  • voice over : Which Allows your iPhone or iPad to speak to you when enabled. Commonly used by folks with visual impairments.
  • Zoom : Allows you to zoom the Home screen and all other content for better visibility. You can then use two and three finger gestures to tap and pan around.
  • Invert Colors : By using this you can do Visual impairments such as color blindness. All colors across iOS will be inverted.
  • Switch Control :  Lets you use external switches, or the screen itself, as a switch for motor accessibility.
  • Assistive Touch : Which has ability to access many common hardware buttons and gesture controls with single taps. A useful feature for those with motor impairments.