How to enable subtitles and captioning for audio on iPhone and iPad


There are many advanced features available on the iOS which makes you much easier on your iPhone and iPad for most visual and hearing impairments. If you are not aware of these types of accessibility with advanced features then this article will helps you how to enable the subtitles and captioning for audio on iPhone and iPad. Below steps will guide you to enable the subtitles and captioning.

Steps to enable subtitles and Captioning for audio

  • Open the settings on your iPhone and iPad.
  • Tap on the General settings on the settings.
  • In that Tap on the accessibility.


  • Under the Hearing section, just enable subtitles & captioning.
  • Turn on the option for closed captions+ SDH ( Synchronous Digital Hierarchy)
  •  Tap on the style in order to customize how closed caption works if you don’t like.

In built there are some of the default closed captions and subtitles in your Phone, if you are not interested click on the Create New Style and choose your own type front type and size. The closed caption and subtitles will work where available but third party apps may have their own individual settings you’ll have to use. This should get you started with all the built-in apps that need them though.