How to enable smooth scrolling feature in Google Chrome


Smooth scrolling is very useful feature which is found almost all the web browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and more. Smooth scrolling features helps to slide down the web page smoothly and allows you to reading the long web page easily. Without the smooth scrolling feature, the browser directly jumps down one page and it doesn’t look good.

Surprisingly, most popular browser Google Chrome doesn’t come with this important feature. But fortunately, there is an there is a hidden setting present to enable this feature. Here I am going to explain how to enable the smooth scrolling option in the Google Chrome.


How to enable smooth scrolling feature in Google Chrome

  • Open Google Chrome browser and type about:flags or chrome://flags in the address bar and hit enter. It will open the secret configuration page of the Google Chrome.
  • It allow you to enable or disable many hidden features in the Google Chrome. Scroll down until you find the Smooth scrolling option. By default this option would be disabled.
  • Click on the Enable link which is under the option and then click on Relaunch Now button.
  • That’s it. It will restart the Google Chrome browser and now you will enjoy the smooth scrolling in the Google Chrome.

Now you can enjoy the smooth scrolling feature in the Google chrome and it helps to slide down the web pages smoothly.