How to enable new animation in Firefox preferences/option window

By | September 19, 2014

It looks like Mozilla has been really working hard in Firefox’s upcoming version. A new animation has been added to the preferences window which is disabled by default but can be enabled using the about:config method. If you want to enable this new animation then you can follow the below method.

How to enable new animation in Firefox preferences/option window

  • Open Mozilla Firefox browser on your PC and type about:config in the address bar and then press Enter. It will confirm and then click on I’ll be careful, I Promise! button.
  • Now type animatefade in the Filter box and search for the following boolean key:
  • The entry browser.preferences.animateFadeIn would be set to false and double-click on it or right click on it and select Toggle and it will set its value to True. 
  • Now select Tools>options and go through various tabs and you will see the new animation while changing to the tab.

The window length will be increased or decreased according to the number of options available in the current tab.

In the following video this tutorial has been clearly explained and you can watch this here.

Author: Peter Jacksonn

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