How to enable kiosk mode in Windows 8 and 8.1

By | October 21, 2014

In Windows, you can create guest user accounts which offer the limited access to other users, you might not be aware that these limited access guest accounts still have the abundant privileges to modify the system. Microsoft has introduced a new feature in Windows 8 called Assigned Access, which is also known as Kiosk mode, this allows an administrator to lock the user to only use the specific modern application.

What is assigned access

Assigned access is the restriction for an user account so that the user is restricted to use only single specific modern application i.e., selected by the administrator. So that the user cannot close the application and also cannot access other parts of the computer. Assigned Access can’t be used with the regular desktop applications since they require the higher level of privileges.

Creating a new user account

Before enabling the assigned access, you need to have the standard user account.

  • To create the user account in Windows 8, press Win+C and go to Settings>Change PC settings. 
  • This will open PC settings window and here click on Accounts tab and now select Other accounts tab and click on Add an account
  • Since you need a local account, so select the bottom link and Signin with out a Microsoft account
  • Now fill the form below and click on the Next button and complete the user account creation process.
  • Log out of the current session and log in to the new session. You need to login to the new account atleast once to configure the account with in all applications and desktop personalizations.

How to enable Kiosk mode in Windows 8

  • To enable Kisok mode, you need to have the admin permission. Now log in again to the administrator account, open PC settings and go to Accounts tab. Click on Other accounts tab and click on link Setup an account for assigned access.
  • On the screen click on Choose an account button and here select the user account which you have created.
  • Now click on Choose an app button and select the app which you want to give access to the user.

That’s it you are done, from now the selected user can only access the app you have chosen.

Author: Peter Jacksonn

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