How to enable Hibernate option in Windows 8


Hibernation is the feature of an Operating System which lets the contents of RAM to be written to the hard disk, before turning off the PC. When the PC is started again, it reloads the content of the hard disk and attempts to restore the same state as it was before shutdown.

In the Windows 8 Operating System, we have noticed a common issue that, Hibernate option is not available in the power menu. Microsoft has removed Start menu from Windows 8 and you should be able to access the power options from the new Charms bar. But here the new power menu doesn’t feature the hibernate option, it contains only sleep, shut down and restart options.

Microsoft has introduced the new hybrid shutdown feature which is actually the combination of hibernate and shut down options and makes the Windows 8 shut down process quicker. But now Hibernate option can be added back to the power menu and here is the tutorial which will get back Hibernate option to Windows 8.

How to enable Hibernate option in Windows 8

  • Press WIN+R to launch RUN dialog box and type powercfg.cpl and hit enter and it will open Power options window.
  • Now click on Choose what the power buttons do link given in the left sidebar.
  • Then click on Change settings that are currently unavailable link given at the top and scroll down to the bottom.
  • Here you will notice that Hibernate option is unchecked. Enable the options and apply the changes.
  • That’s it you are done, it will immediately and missing the hibernate option in the power menu of the Windows 8.