[How to] Enable Folder Merge Conflict Message in Windows 8 Explorer


In before version of windows copying files and folders from one location to another location is a common activity. Sometimes, while doing that we hardly realize that we may have a folder of the same name in the destination as that of the one we are trying to move. How ever to over come this conflicts windows always took care to protected data by getting jumbled up.

It helps you merge the contents of the folders that are in conflict. In previous versions of Windows you would see a folder replace confirmation message where you could choose to merge the contents or skip the copying altogether for the folder in conflict. Actually Microsoft changed this behavior in Windows 8 OS. By default this folder merge conflict message is hidden so you don’t see any confirmation message about folder replacement. This article provides you the information about How to re-enable folder merge conflict message in windows 8 Explorer. Follow the below steps to re-enable folder merge conflict message.

Steps to enable folder merge conflict message in windows 8 Explorer

  • Open the Windows Explorer and click on view tab present in the ribbon.
  • Now Click on the Folder options icon present at the end of the ribbon tool bar.
  • This will open the folder options window and now you need to view tab.


  • In the view window you can see the Hide folder merge conflicts and this could be enable by clicking the check box.
  • That’s it. Now whenever the destination folder contains a folder with the same name, you will be asked for folder replacement confirmation as shown in following picture shown below