How to enable experimental Google Now cards

By | September 24, 2014

To use this application you will need the root permissions on your Android tablet or mobile device, otherwise it better you can stop here. Everyone are eager to for the Google to roll out the new cards and some of them are not interested in waiting for the Google to roll out the new cards. Here is how to manually enable experimental Google Now cards.


Now you need UnleashTheGoogle, an app developed by Zhouwei Zhang, which gives root users the panel in the Google Search settings menu which unlocks all kinds of interesting API tests, not to mention the experimental Google Now cards. Install this app and restart the Google Now and check the settings menu.UnderĀ Install API cardsĀ you can now enable the experimental cards manually, including the new flight price monitor.

Other new cards include the Artworks nearby and which are fairly self-explanatory and the election information for the upcoming mid term elections in the United States and more. But still there are some interesting things to be done, under the testing menu you will find the massive list of the API actions available for Google Now and most of these things you have seen as the linked items your Google Now cards.

Tap on any of these options and it will perform the stated action, so watch this “start video call” accidentally got me with the first person in my Hangouts phonebook. Some other integrated tools in the UnleashTheGoogle app includes various debug options and configuration flags which offer lots of fun stiff for developers and code junkies.

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