How to Enable or Disable Landscape View on Android


It is very simple to Enable or Disable landscape view on Android, Generally the smart device like phone or tablet comes with landscape by default the option auto rotation will be in enable. This article gives you the clear information how to enable or disable landscape view on Android. Only thing is you need to follow the below steps. This process is applicable for all the devices running on an Android Operating system.

Enable or Disable Landscape View on Android

Steps to Enable or disable landscape on Android

  • Unlock your Android device, go to menu in that settings or else directly you can go to setting by click the quick settings.
  • ¬†Once you are done with this, In the settings drop down list navigate the display option and click on that option to open.
  • Once you click on the display you will find the many option in the drop down list, In that list navigate Auto Screen rotation.
  • check up for Auto Screen rotation, tick it for enabling and un tick for disable./ Having the box checked will allows the phone or tablet to determine based on the way it is held which direction the screen should be going and un checking the box will lock it into portrait mode for you.
  • That’s you car done with the procedure.
  • Now as your requirement you can use the auto screen rotation option.