How to email stuff to your Evernote account

By | October 11, 2014
How to email stuff to your Evernote account

If you are interested to create a notes it will be good to use Evernote where it can add any email to your account with complete tags and a designated folder. This is how to take advantage to email stuff to your Evernote account. If you are not aware of how to take advantage with evernote then simply follow the steps given below :


  • Initially you have to find out the your Evernote mail address. You can do this in the desktop by clicking Tools, Account Info. Alternatively you can sign into your Evernote account on the web by clicking the menu pull down in the upper right ccorner and then Account settings.  But in the both cases you will see this field ” Email notes to “, The address shown there is the one you need.
  • By using any email service, client or app simply forward an email to your Evernote address. Once received by Evernote it will become a new note in your default folder.



  • However you can specify an exiting folder by appending the @folder name in the subject line. Even it is allowed to add tags by using Hash tags. For example lets us say any folder name @receipts #homedepot #house something like this.
  • To make this easier going forward create a new Evernote contact in your various address books and include the email address which you uncovered in the initial steps. Now instead of having to the remember that address and you just forwarded to you can just forward everything to Evernote. That’s it you are down with the email stuff to your Evernote account.

Author: Micheal Edward Tansey

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