Ellie Kai, your fashionista guide


A lot of online stores these days certainly give you the variety and price range when it comes to women’s fashion. Ellie Kai gives you the freedom to customize your dress in a variety of ways. Be it fabric pattern, color or size. Ellie Kai is a made to order platform that gives women the ability interactively influence and alter the way they want their dress to be. This startup was founded by Liz Hostetter in 2011 and is headquartered in Boston Massachusetts. And is also operational with offices in Osterville Massachusetts ¬†and Hong Kong. This women’s fashion shopping web platform is trying a refreshing and unique approach to how one goes about buying a dress.

Whats in Store for you

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Ellie Kai has numerous different options in dresses, tops, cashmere jackets and coats. As well as a few options in skirts, girl dresses and accessories. All the favorite styles are available such as cape and Suzette style dresses and cashmere jacket sweaters and T-shirts. However, the real fun is how each dress or top can be customized according to your preferences. There are a lot of options as to how you can modify your selection and more styles and options are added over time.

The selection process

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Via the Website, different categories are located at the top of the page where the type of garment can be selected such as a top or dress. Once a garment type is selected, various styles and/or colors are given depending on the garment. All dresses and tops are made for order by Ellie Kai, with special attention to client requests. After selecting the style and/or color, the product description page appears. Note that this is also where the garment can be customized and altered according to ones preferences. Along with the details and specifications of the selected garment, there are other options available as well. Fabric pattern and color can be changed, patterns and colors are based on what garment it is. Some shirts may not have the same options as a dress or coat. The size column has th standard sizes from 00 to 16 (in denominations of 2). The Add to cart option cannot be unlocked unless the Fabric and Size options are selected. There is also an option to share the link of the dress via Google+, twitter or Pinterest.