Electropermanent magnets work fine, says Project Ara



Information about Project Ara has been unveiled during this week through series of tweets. Also, Project Ara team had tweeted yesterday confirming the failure of drop test, but the Project Ara again tweeted to tell that they were joking about failure of electropermanent magnets to hold the different components.

The Tweet about failure of drop test read, “No more electropermanent magnets #ProjectAra #FailedTheDropTest.” Due to this tweet, it was believed that the reason behind the delay of Project Ara till next Year was the failing of drop test.

But Today Project Ara again tweeted and the tweet read, “BTW #FailedTheDropTest was a joke. Didn’t fail. We have been configuring a new solution. It’s better too. #WorkingOnOurHumor”. So this looks like the handler of Project Ara team twitter have some jokesters.

According to the new tweet, they said that electropermanent magnets are working fine, but they are working on a better solution for holding the different modules of the Project Ara phones. According to the Tweet from Project Ara, they are also working on better camera and battery. But the most valuable lesson we have learnt is to not take the Tweet from Project Ara too seriously.

There is no certainty about this tweet either, however, we can just hope that the team is not joking or the second time in a row.