Edwist raises seed funding for undisclosed amount

By | November 2, 2015

Edwist, a new collaborative research platform has raised seed funding from Gotham Gal, Rovi CRO Peter Halt, Luke Kallis, head of West Cost sales at Snapchat and Michael Lum, co-founder and CTO of Gradient. The funding amount has not been disclosed.


Founded in 2012, the startup edtwist is a collaborative research platform that allows both knowledge oriented places like libraries, schools and NGOs and individuals by offering a simplified research tool containing quality content, curation and co-creation tools to grow ideas as a network.It helps in connecting people, their conversations n resources to help user in every role of life.

The startup has also partnered with UNESCO for its #AgentsofChange campaign, where the agency offers young people a chance for direct research and for some select participants, an opportunity to present their research to the UN Assembly next year. The program is set to kick off at the 9th UNESCO Youth Forum currently taking place in Paris and France.

“UNESCO is the perfect partner for us to launch the edtwist platform which is designed to bring people, ideas and content together in one place to grow as a community,” said Julie Lee, founder and CEO of edtwist. “As we speak, thousands of change agents from all over the world are using edtwist to identify and collaborate on research and brainstorm ways to activate change around the globe. I believe knowledge has transformative powers to change the world for the better and it’s exciting to help support in UNESCO’s effort in engaging youth to ideate together and share their findings to create a chain action for change.”

Mark Brennan, UNESCO Chair in Community, Leadership and Youth Development said, ” We are incredibly excited to partner with edtwist. The ability to bring together the best of knowledge, applied youth researchers, and passionate youth engaged for social change in one place – namely, edtwist – is a game changer. Half of the planet is under age 25 and desperately wants to be connected and engaged in making a better world. This partnership between edtwist and the UNESCO Chairs Network makes this a reality. He also added, “Every two years at the UNESCO Youth Forum, thousands of inspiring youths from all over the world gather and tackle some of our society’s greatest issues, and we are thrilled to put the power of change in their capable hands.”