Easy Speaker Booster Android app : Review and Download link

By | May 8, 2014

Easy Speaker Booster, as the name itself suggests that its function is to increase the volume and sound quality of the speakers of your Android device. The app is very simple and straight forward and it is very easy to go through and change the settings.

If the sound quality of Android device is very poor, then use Easy Speaker booster app, it will increase the volume of your device by 10-25%. This app uses the very sophisticated algorithm in order to increase the volume of the device. It is very simple to use that anyone can use it to the good effect.


How it works

  • First download Easy Speaker Booster from Google Play.
  • After launching the app, you can now adjust the volumes on your device, you just need to tap on the speakers to boost the volume beyond to maximum.
  • You can adjust three types of volumes such as Ringer Volume, Media Volume and Alarm Volume.
  • If there is a slight glow around the speakers icon then all of the device volume sliders are turned up to full.

Some of the devices may get some distortion when you use the Easy Speaker Booster, but it will be good when used with high end devices and some good quality speaker devices.

Finally, Easy Speaker Booster is very simple app and there are no hoops in it to jump through. This will work better on tablets too, but the devices with the better speakers will get the better speakers.

Download Easy Speaker Booster

Author: Peter Jacksonn

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