EA releases first Need for Speed : No Limits trailer

Need for Speed No Limits first look

Right when the CES 2015 is making news everywhere, Sony has launched the official trailer of the new game in the Need for Speed series. The new game is named as “Need for Speed : No limits” and the trailer has just gone live on the official YouTube channel of Sony.

Need for Speed No Limits first look

The new trailer shows a lot of amazing things including the graphics which clearly indicate the hard work one by the programmers and the graphic experts behind this game. The street racing and race customization look amazing and on a whole, this trailer makes the gaming enthusiasts feel amazing.

If you are one of the gaming enthusiasts, and Need for Speed series interests you, then this is something which you must check out. However, there is still some tile before this thing goes on the stores, for now, watching the below trailer is all you can do.

Author: Kunwar Prithvi Singh Chauhan

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