Duck Destroy Windows Phone game : Review


Duck Destroy is the fun and challenging arcade game for the Windows Phone where you need to blast the ducks out of the sky. In this game you are the fox, who wants to fetch something for dinner and armed with slingshot, dynamite and assault riffle. When the hunger strikes, take the shotgun and get some dinner. You need to guide the fox through the fifty levels in a span of wide range of environments. It works well on the low-memory devices and it is the good entertaining addition to Windows Phone game library.

There are In-app purchases available in this app. You can also restrict the in-app purchasing using your device settings.


Game Play

The game screen will display the important statistics at the top of the screen which includes the golden egg count, timer, points total and lives. At the left side of the statistics bar there is a joystick button and this adjust the sensitivity of your targeting movements. Along the left side of the screen mission counters will be there and in the lower right corner you can choose the weapon.

Before going to each level, you can visit the game store to upgrade your weapon and stock upon supplies. If you achieve any bonus items like grenades, dynamites that will be displayed in the lower right corner. Game control is very easy, you just need to tap the screen to scroll around to aim your weapon and tap on the weapon to fire. Reloading time of the weapon depends on the type of weapon you are using.

In the game there are different kind of ducks and it is your job to shoot them down. Some ducks will be downed for one shot, while other ducks die for multiple shots. Some ducks will drop the golden egg when you drop them and collect them to get the bonus. Collect the power-ups which float across the screen from time to time.


  • Massive adventure with 50 levels and hundreds of missions.
  • Fun and frantic arcade shooter.
  • Lots of different weapons and power-ups.
  • Choice of immersive gyro and joystick controls.

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