DU Battery Saver and Widgets an Android App

By | May 8, 2014
du battery saver

Battery is main problem for the users who are using Smartphones, We all Know that basically the Smartphone are multitasking platform and is arguable a lot powerful than other mobiles. So battery life will definitely reduces to less hours, To over come this problem recently one app came in to exists namely DU Battery Saver. This app Du battery Saver aims to get the most out of your Battery and helps you to gain the experience to your needs.

Users are using more number of features which will reduce the battery life, but this app Du battery Saver allow to change the modes of your smartphone quickly and easily as well as this will handle the things like WiFi, Bluetooth from your Home screen.

How it Works

  • Initially you need to download this application from the Google play Store, Once we have done that it will install automatically.
  • After installation the application icon will appear on the Screen, If you click on icon the app will open.

DU Battery Saver

  • After that app will shows the intro sorts and tells you the thing it will do, Once you have done with the Intro sorts, see the status bar of your battery ¬†and you can change the mode of your battery and you can also create your own mode

DU Battery Saver

  • That own mode can be created by your own specifications as you required and also name it as you like. Really creating your own mode will be helpful.
  • Even you can use the widgets on your home screen, quickly get the boost from the battery and also you can see the battery percentage.

DU Battery Saver


  • The application is very simple and easy to use it.
  • The User Interface is pretty good looking for the Android users.
  • The features of this app is good with free of cost.


  • Customize the themes for the whole app rather than the just battery, would be nice to see.


Over all we can say this DU battery saver as worlds best batter saver and management, especially the modes created by user with necessary requirement makes me attractive. This app is worth able how are interest can try this.

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