Dropbox take on Google Docs with its Paper product



Dropbox is ready to take on Google Docs by its new product called Paper. Dropbox has launched its online document editing product, which allows you to collaborate with multiple users. This new online editing program is expansion of Dropbox’s note sharing app, which was tested by the cloud storage company earlier this year.

Now, Paper is still in its Beta phase and you’ll need an invite to access this program. Currently, Paper can be accessed via web through your Dropbox account. According to the company, the Paper product will also come with its mobile app once its beta test is done.

Dropbox’s Paper is a simple place, where you can edit your documents. Paper allows multiple users to edit the document at the same time similar to Google Docs. Users can comment anywhere on the document by using text or customized sticker. Paper also allows users to create their own private documents.


Dropbox’s Paper will arrange the content of your document in proper format once you start writing in any document. You can also insert image, code and tables in addition to texts into the documents. The main purpose of this online document editing product is to offer a way to work together.

Still this product from Dropbox is in Beta phase, as company wants to make sure that this product works perfectly fine, before releasing the final version. The company has also said that Paper will come with smartphone app, once it comes out of Beta phase.