Download SnapChat apk for Nokia X smartphones

By | April 21, 2014

Nokia has recently released its first Nokia X devices running on Android OS at Mobile World Congress 2014 conducted at Barcelona. Nokia X runs on Android OS but they don’t have access to Google Play Store. Nokia X comes preloaded with Nokia app store. But there are only few hundreds of apps that support Nokia X smartphones. It has become more difficult to get apps for Nokia X phones. Here I am providing SnapChat apk for Nokia X smartphones.



SnapChat allows you to share your moments easily and quickly with your friends to date.  Just snap the picture or upload the images and add the captions to them and you can set timer such that how long your friends can view it, simply by setting the timer.

SnapChat is quick, reliable, easy to setup, runs smoothly and it allows you chat using the pictures, like snap the picture and share it with your friends. You can determine how long your message or picture will be visible to you friends and it will delete automatically after the certain time.

If you want to share the photo with all of your friends the add it your SnapChat story, where every photo will live for a day an then disappears automatically. There is a drawback in it that all the messages are deleted from the primary server and there is no guarantee that your friends or follower aren’t recorded or took screenshot of the message.

After taking the Snapchat, just swipe to the left to see the information such as time, temperature and the speed with which they are travelling.

Download Snapchat for Nokia X, XL, X+.

Stay tuned for more apps for Nokia X.

Author: Peter Jacksonn

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