How to download and save Facebook, Twitter and Google and profile data


Social media has became a part and parcel of our life and all our social media profiles contains so many memories which you want to store them in a copy offline. The most popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter allow you to download all your profile data and they will be useful in the cases when you are planing to delete your profiles. It takes much time to download these profiles and depends on how many photos and data you have saved on your profile. Here let us see how to download and save Facebook, twitter and Google profiles.


Facebook allows you to download your posts, videos and photos which you have shared on your wall and the chats, messages and the information from About section of your profile. It is very easy to download but finding the option is but difficult. Follow the below steps to find out the download option.

  • Go to the settings page on your Facebook Profile.
  • In the last option, under Language you will find “Download copy of your Facebook data”. This you will find in very small font and it is very difficult to find that it is link and click on it.
  • You will be headed to next page and there click on Start My Archive>My Start Archive again in pop up>Enter password>Submit.
  • Now you will receive an email from Facebook containing an email with zip file which you can download and view all the data offline. The downloaded file is an HTML file and you can view it in any browser.



Downloading data from your Twitter profile is very simple and anyhow it wake take sometime to create an archive of all tweets so you can’t expect instant results.  Follow below steps to download your Twitter profile data.

  • Open Twitter on your browser and go to settings.
  • Go to the bottom of the page and click on Request your archive.
  • You will get mail from Twitter with a link to zip file and you can down load the archive when it is ready and it is available in  three formats HTML, json and csv.



Extracting data from Facebook and Twitter is almost similar but with Google it is bit different. Google features a tool which allows you to download all your account data and it currently supports 17 Google products including YouTube, Hangouts, Gmail and Google+. Follow the step below to download your data.

  • Go to Google Takeout and click on Create an Archive.
  • This opens the page where you can select the services from which you want to download the data.
  • Once you are done with selection and click the red create archive button.
  • Now Google starts creating the archive of the data and send you an email when the archive is ready and it take sometime and be patient.