How to Download Instagram Photos and Videos


Instagram photos and video are always great as these are taken by different users and are edited by Instagram effects, But have you ever thought of grabbing these photos from your favorite users or other users so that you can post them again and again? Well this post is for those Instagram lovers who love to download their favorite photos from their fun and admiration.


If you are also among them and here to download all Instagram Photos and Videos on your local computer then here are some great method that will collect all photos from account and serve them as downloadable zip format.

You have both the option to download Instagram images, either you can go for online using web service or using desktop software. It depends on you which method you are going to opt for this purpose.

How to Download Instagram Photos and Videos

Using Web Applications

1. Instaport

It’s super simple, and a great way to get all of your photos out of Instagram should you so desire. It’s also a good way to simply back up your photos, even if you don’t plan on leaving Instagram any time soon. There only few steps that you have to follow get what you want.



  • First login to your Instagram account on web and then open Instaport.
  • It will ask you to first login to your Instagram account, just click on the yellow button.
  • In the very next option it will allows you to choose the export options, select as per your need.
  • Now you need to wait for few time until it creates the zip file of all your Instagram contents. Soon after completion of the process, there you will see a link to download the photos and videos you have just exported from Instagram.

2. Downgram

Downgram helps you download your Instagram images in a zip file. Simply login with your Instagram account and select which images you want to download. Even they allow you to download in bulk by creating zip file. As the first step is to login to your Instagram account, it will retrieve all the photos there to save then on your local computer either one by one or by creating zip. One more thing that you can see live all of your images and select the one or more you want to download.



  • Login to Instagram
  • Select the images you want to download, by default all your images will be selected.
  • Choose the method to download those selected images.
  • Create the zip and start downloading.

3. Instagrabbr


Above two web applications allows only to download images and videos that you have shared on your account, because you have to login first, but the instagrabbr requires nothing, just enter the instagram username and it will list all the images and video for that account. But here you need to download all images one by one, there is nothing called download in bulk.

Using Desktop Software

1. Free Instagram Downloader

One of the popular software for downloading images from Instagram, these software tools to download images is basically for those who are addicted to share images to their followers or to download images posted by other users to save them locally. If you are a normal Instagram user then I would suggest you to go for online one. Here are the steps you have to follow to get Instagram contents right away on your PC.

Instagram Downloader

Free Instagram Downloader is the world’s easiest tool to download images, photos and pictures from Instagram quickly and easily. Just input the user name, and click one button, then all the photos will be downloaded to your computer. Save you a lot of precious time.

Key Features

  • Win7 Integration.
  • Export photos’ urls to text file.
  • Lifetime upgrade for free
  • Batch Download Instagram Photos easily and quickly.
  • Streamlined user interface.
  • No Adware/Spyware/Virus guarantee

Steps to follow:

  • First of all follow this link to download the Free Instagram Downloader on your PC, the size of this software is just 3.81 MB.
  • Install the app and launch it.
  • Tap the “Input user name” at the top left corner and enter the instagram username and wait until it downloads all the images.
  • After that you will see all the images of that username, either select all images to download or select randomly.
  • As you click on the download link, it will ask you where to save those images, provide a valid path and you are done. Just wait for the download to complete.

2. 4K Stogram

4K Stogram is an Instagram images and videos Downloader for Windows PC, Mac and Linux. The program lets you to backup and download Instagram videos and photos, even from private accounts. Just enter Instagram user name or photo link and press ‘Follow user’ button. You will all the images and videos connected to that user.

4K Stogram

Features of 4K Stogram

  • Login with your Instagram credentials and download photos of private friends accounts.
  • Access to your viewer directly from the application.
  • Grab photos of few account simultaneously and save it in JPEG on your desktop.
  • Use 4K Stogram on your PC, Mac or Ubuntu for free.
  • Follow your favourite photographers and get their latest photos automatically.
  • Download Instagram video in MP4 format.
  • Enjoy the minimalistic interface of application.

Steps to follow:

  • Download and install 4K Stogram from here on your PC.
  • Launch the software and enter the Instagram username of the person you want to get their images and videos.
  • The app will first look for all the images for that account and show them on a windows, just select the image and save it on your PC.