How to Download Files from Web Directly to Google Drive or Drop Box

By | June 25, 2014
Google Drive

Most of the internet users are using Google Drive which is popular, The users are feeling very easy and safe to use Google drive. The main reason is Google drive offering 10 GB of Free cloud storage to every user. You can use the Cloud storage to upload the files directly or even you can download the files directly from the web to your Google Drive.  To download the files directly from the websites can be done with the help of save web Files now you may have question in mind What is Save Web File.

The save Web files is a tool to get started this tool you have to put the any URL of the any website which you wants to download in the input box, simply choose the store service and follow the screen instructions to download the file.  This article gives you the clear information about How to Download Files from Web Directly to Google Drive or Drop Box. Follow the steps given below.

Download Files from Web Directly to Google Drive, Sky Drive, Drop Drive,

Steps to be follow

  • Step 1: Initially go to the Save Web Files of the tool
  • Step 2: Enter the URL of the web site in to the input Box
  • Step 3: Now you click on the Google Drive to download the files to your Google Drive. If you wants to download the files to other drives like Drop Drive, Sky Drive then you need to select these services.
  • A pop up window will appear saying to connect the Google Drive Button, You need to click on that button.
  • After clicking you will taken to the new page where you will have the authorize the apps to access to Google drive Storage, Click on the Accept button to go further.

There are many benefits if you download the files directly to the Google Drive, Sky Drive and many more To use the Save Web Files no need to provide any third party apps to use this tool. If you are using any tablets or smartphones then you can hastily save any file from the internet to your cloud drives without spending the bytes of 3G data connection as the file transfer process will happen through the cloud.